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Welcome to Woodlore.

designed by nature, crafted by hand.

This is the site of Woodlore, where you can find out what we do, view a selection of our work or contact us.

Woodlore produces ideas in wood; sculpture, clocks, bowls, cd racks, tables, picture and mirror frames, barometers, candlesticks and shelves. We are also happy to do commissions, so if you have an idea feel free to contact us.
All products and commissions are made with the Woodlore ethic in mind. We only use local Scottish hardwoods which are either windfallen or have been felled with the enviroment in mind. The wood is usually seasoned by nature and time. We try to work with the wood and let it suggest its own design. There is no production line and all the pieces are unique, hand crafted artefacts. We only use natural products in the finishing process ;such as linseed oil, beeswax or teak oil.

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For a copy of the Woodlore Catalogue 2005
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Local Trees

Enjoy the wonders of the Woods and pause to take it in.