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Product details

our prices start at   20  sterling upwards .
Here is a rough breakdown of what is available
and the prices.

Remember, it is difficult to give exact prices, as it depends on various factors,eg type of wood.
It is also difficult to give a full list of all products as this changes due to what timber is dried and ready to work.
These prices will give a good guide and the items listed are those which have become standards.

Roberton collection

Desk clocks...22 upwards

Mantle clock..45 +


Candlestick(single)... 25


Small Bowl or Dish ........... 39
Medium Bowl burr Elm.........49
Large Bowl irregular shape...69
Large Bowl Oval in Burr Ash,Oak,Elm..69
Bookends w\Bronze inlay .....69 
From other page.
Oak shelves ................. 85
Mirror frame picture frames.
with Glass fitted Small..35 , medium..45, Large .. 75 upwards

Wall hanging clocks..35 upwards.

Clock with Hermle 8 day movement

A clock in flame sycamore .

The Clock above was made as a commission for someone in Australia. It has a flame sycamore face with burr elm sides and top and an oak door on the back. The numerals are laburnam inserts. It is fitted with brass hardware and has cold-cast Bronze inlay. The recipients name is carved into the base and is also cold-cast bronze. The mechanism is an 8 day Hermle front wind with single chime.
A similar items price would be 212  sterling. However if the customer wanted a far cheaper version or more expensive this can be done by using a different mechanism.