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Stuart's music

All my own toons and instrumentation.
The only credit otherwise is my brother Alan, he plays about 16 bars of twinkly guitar near the end of how fool am I.
Copyright is mine I tells ya and feel free to give me credit if you wanna use it. 

piggies3.jpg this song below


Download "How fool am I"

 How fool am I.
A breezey wee Jazz number I wrote around 2004.
 Guitar gordon Smith GS2, lead and rhythm.
 Bass, bog standard Fresher ,
 percussion and vibraphone  midi programmed.
Recorded on PC using direct in, cakewalk 2004.

Life goes on mp3

Life goes on
This is my non-vocal version of life goes on by the Damned.
(Sensible, Scabies, Vanian and gray)
It could do with some vocals so if you want to add a bit of vocals, be my guest. I'd be well chuffed to hear someone giving it large at the karaoke...or just singing nice and quiet...whatever your bag is.